Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random thoughts on a rainy Thursday and some favorite pictures

Feels like it's been raining forever here in Michigan.  April showers will hopefully bring lots of May flowers this year.  I wanted to run and meet a friend this morning but the rain made that impossible. Instead, I ended up taking a class at the local health club.  A hot yoga class that wasn't as hot as the one I did last month.  This one was kept at a cool 85° and the movements were real slow. I didn't feel like I was going to pass out and I actually completed all of the movements. I think maybe I have finally found a hot yoga class that will work for me. I am still eating lean proteins with lots of vegetables for lunch and dinner, but I have also included oatmeal for breakfast and an occasional beer after dinner. It feels good to enjoy a craft beer now and then. I am only maintaining the weight loss, have not lost any more, although my goal is to lose weight, not maintain. :(

Dave and I have been running as much as we can, of course the rain is a hindrance. Nonetheless, we try to get out there daily if not every other day to run 3-4 miles.  We have so many bike races this summer scheduled and we need to be in great shape for them.  We have only had our bikes out twice so far. Still talking and thinking about another triathlon.  The one we did last summer was grueling and it is tough to think about the cold waters of Lake Michigan again. We will see.  
 Dave finished first in his age!
 Me getting ready to cross the finish line!
 Celebrating after the tri!
Best bike ride last year- the Ability Tour in Lansing, MI.  The proceeds help the handicap get fitted for bikes.  

Harsen's Island bike ride with friends- we rode this in July and ended up at the Sans Souci Bar and Grill for the best perch sandwich ever!

Another favorite picture- last summer we rode the Green Cruise in Ferndale, Michigan with friends and had such a good ride and day.  The weather was perfect and riding along the Detroit Riverfront was just beautiful. You can see Canada in the background.

Another good memory, each year we run the Turkey Trot which is part of the Thanksgiving parade in Downtown Detroit. When we get home, Dave helps with the preparation of the meal- I love that he helps :)
 His peeling of sweat potatoes led to a wonderful dish. 
This is us a month later (Dec.2016) enjoying a sunset cruise in Hawaii!
This picture makes me smile.  We have honestly had the best times at bars...I don't know what it is. Well it's probably the beer, but we have the best talks and laughs when we sit close to one another and enjoy a good craft beer :) 
Halloween was so wonderful with KJ!

Cheers!  Hope wherever you are it's sunny. 

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