Thursday, July 19, 2018

Viking Rhine River Cruise Part II

So, when I left you last we were on stop three, Strasbourg, France, of our Viking Rhine River Cruise.  Let's continue and explore the other ports we visited.

When we woke up on Wednesday we were in Rudesheim, Germany!  This is one of the stops I was looking forward to the most.  When Lauren was working on her teaching degree the University she attended had a cultural program where she could complete her student teaching in Heidelberg. It was wonderful to finally see in person some of the spots she visited.  One of those stops was the castle in Heidelberg- it was breathtaking!
The view from the castle overlooking Heidelberg.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Our Rhine River Viking Cruise! Part 1

We have been vacationing for the past two weeks and are finally getting over the jet lag.  What a wonderful time we had on our Viking long-ship the Kara.  We started our journey on June 24 flying from Detroit to Amsterdam then on to Basel.
 Looking out my window on flight to Amsterdam- so beautiful!

Starting to get dark and we are very tired.  The flight overseas it murderous.  We watched non-stop television and ate two full meals by the time we landed in Basel.

Day 1 and Viking had us on a walking tour after we settled into our stateroom.  We hit the ground running and wanted to see as much of Basel as we could.  We loved seeing the medieval old town.  Basel is in the northwest corner of Switzerland and shares borders with France and Germany.  The official language of Basel is German but many speak a dialect known as "Basel German."   
 Barfusser Church
 This Gothic style church dates back to the 14th century.

Basel City Center with it green shutters and cobble stone streets.

On a Viking cruise the dress is very casual. Most people where comfortable walking shoes and light weight coats or layers to take off as needed.   At all meals, everyone eats at the same time and sits wherever they like.  There is no pressure to sit with the same people each day, in fact, we tried very hard to meet many people by sitting at different tables daily.  

The food was spectacular.  We were never hungry and felt we ate pretty healthy even though we indulged in the complimentary beer and wine during lunch and dinner. :)  With Viking you don't have to purchase a beverage package.  We had plenty of drink at each meal and they even had a nice variety of German and Belgium craft beer for Dave and French wines for me. 
The presentation of the food was never disappointing.  

Day 2 found us in Breisach, Germany.  Breisach has beautiful vineyards along the Rhine Valley and is just west of the Black Forest.   The bus ride through Breisach and its surrounding towns was just breathtaking.  Breisach enjoys an almost tropical climate and it's a town that we plan on visiting again.  

German Chocolate Cake- need I say more?!

Before we were set free to explore the Black Forest we watched a Black Forest Cake demonstration then sat and age a whole piece. Sweet and yummy!

Cute restaurant at the hills of the Black Forest.

Past this gem on the way to the Black Forest

Day 3 landed us in Strasbourg, France!  On this excursion we visited the European Parliament and took a tour of the interior of the city's famed cathedral.

Bakeries are on every corner!

After we finished our tour, Dave suggested we rent bikes and ride around Strasbourg and into the country side.  I am so glad we did, we found such cute little towns and enjoyed lunch at a wonderful bakery and we logged in a 30 mile bike ride!

I will finish the trip next time...there are so many pictures to go through and I do need to get some work done, plus this platform is not playing nice today. :(

Till then- auf wiedersehen! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Catching Up!

Hi Everyone!  Life has been very busy over here.  Here is what we have been up to.  This weekend we had Dave's brothers over.  Ken's birthday was last week and we decided to celebrate it with a barbecue.  On the menu was chicken-kabobs, rosemary potatoes, green beans and a salad that Kim brought.  The meal was very good and the conversation was lighthearted and funny!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Are you enjoying the warm weather?

We have finally been served up some beautiful weather here in Michigan!  We have been busy biking, running and relaxing on the back porch.  Speaking of the back porch, here are some new pics of the new pillows and rug I picked-up from the Home store.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 pictures as of late

 I love my girls!  They continue to make me proud an so happy to be their mother.

  We were invited to a family bridal shower and felt like we were in our own little world.  We just kept talking amongst ourselves and giggling.  
  Hanging with our friends at a beer bus tour over the weekend.
 A family Christening took place over the same weekend and it was such a pleasure seeing my nephew with his son.
 I made dinner for Lauren and Christopher the other day when I babysat with KJ.  I made us the same dinner and we ate lasagna for days.  This recipe is sooo good! 

We are loving the new outdoor lights we picked up at  We tried the solar route and they just didn't perform.  These new lights are electric and are very bright!
Bonus picture!  Sweet KJ!!
I have been working on the back patio this week and I will reveal it to you next week!
Stay tuned. :)


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Let's catch up!

A few pictures to start things off!
 Dave has been busy installing the lighting system I ordered from  

Thursday, April 19, 2018

New chair and pillow in foyer

Hi Everyone!  We recently purchased this chair at Marshall's for the foyer.  I know I showed you a picture of it before when we had the wood floors installed, but I scored a new pillow in the clearance bin at Marshall's the other day and I wanted to share it with you.  The foyer needed a chair for guests to sit and put on shoes or boots.  Also, the space the chair fits into was barren and just needed a little something.  This chair is smaller in scale and neutral in color.  It fits perfectly in the corner and matches the paint color and wood color so well.