Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Reading Month

I couldn't contain my excitement last week when I was asked to read to KJ's classroom!  I read the book No, David, by David Shannon. It's a perfect book for young listeners because there are few words with big funny pictures. The children sat so quietly as I read and smiled when I pointed out what David was doing in each picture.  After the story we took them to the tables to color a picture of David.  After that, we went back to the carpet and sang "If your happy and you know it...!!"  I loved spending time in KJ's classroom and it brought back some wonderful memories of my own classroom.
KJ loved the added attention!
There are lots of free activities to do with this book. Since this was a very young age group, we only colored a face of David.  But, there are free masks online and for an older group, K or grade 1, that would be a lot of fun! 
 I had such fun!  Can't wait till I am asked to read again. :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Mash-Up!

In full construction mode as I type this.  The woodworker is at the house finishing the crown molding.  The painter starts tomorrow.  I frantically went out shopping for a new bathroom mirror this morning and I think I might have gotten lucky. I picked it up at Marshall's, a little pricey, but it could be a statement piece. I'll need Dave's nod of approval before I can have it hung- he needs to feel like he's part of the design team :) 
We LOVE the stain on the kitchen cupboards- a dark, burnt umber that still shows the lovely Oak grain.

The island and guest bath were painted graphic gray, they call  the color intellectual.  All the doors will be delivered in about two weeks.  
Master bath is a rich coffee over oak, showing the slightest hint of grain.  So pretty and with the new counter top, sinks and faucets, it should look very up-to-date!

We did manage to see some friends on Saturday.  We had tickets to the show Neil Berg Pianomen at the City Theater in downtown Detroit.  We ate dinner at the Woodbridge Pub, near Wayne State University.  Salmon burger with roasted brussel sprouts!! So good, and to our surprise they were serving KBS!  Yes, you read that right; Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout from Founders was on tap. We were psyched!!
 Photo of Woodbridge Pub - Detroit, MI, United States. Great outdoor patio

 Photo of City Theatre - Detroit, MI, United States. From http://www.olympiaentertainmen­
The show was so good.  If it comes to your town make sure to see it :)

Ran over the weekend but only logged 8 miles for the whole week :(  

Can't wait till the house is put back together :) How was your weekend?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Full swing Construction

Construction, construction...when will it end?!  So far most of the moldings have been installed. Bryon, the woodworker, was sick last week and was unable to meet his deadline. That, of course, put all other work on hold as well.  Bryon finally did show up on Tuesday and finished most of what he needed to get done for this week.  Problem is we have contractors back to back and one hiccup in the schedule puts everyone else off too.  Crown still has to be added in the entry way and up the stairs.  Next week- he guarantees he will be done. J

Wainscoting added up the stairs to match the entry hall 
Guest bath crown installed.

Crown installed in kitchen seating area.  Once it's painted white it should stand out more. We think it will be a nice finishing touch.

This Kitchen cabinets are getting stained a rich walnut color.  They were the original red oak color from the 90's.

The walnut stain should coordinate nicely with the backsplash, floors, and counters.  I sure hope so at least, there's no turning back once the stain is applied.  The company doing the work is called N-HAnce.  We found them at a home show in January and now they are also located at most Home Depot stores.  If this works out I will give them a proper shout-out when it's all done. 
 New color: walnut with wood grain showing.

The island will be painted a graphite gray color.  As well as the guest bath. 

More pictures to come.  This weekend will be full of cleaning, organizing, moping the floors, and pitching things we don't want to put back in the cabinets.  Hope your weekend is more enjoyable :)

Auf Wiedersehen!

Monday Mash-Up- Founders KBS Part 2

KBS was here and now it's gone!  Yup, you heard me right, we enjoyed a few wonderfully brewed Kentucky Bourbon Style Stouts at Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids this weekend and now that we are home we are regretting not paying the big bucks to take home a few.  We stood in line for almost two hours and then once inside, stood for another 30 mins, just to get our hands on this wonderful craft.  Brewing this beer really is a craft. 
Getting bored waiting in line for so long- starting taking selfies :)

Image result for describe KBS beer
Finally, we have in our hands this wonderful brew. Founders has this recipe perfected...11.8% ABV, an imperial stout brewed with coffee and chocolates, then aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year.  Simply Amazing and worth waiting in line for.  Shall I dare say we had our fill.  Dave was literally stumbling when we left, luckily for him I can handle a good beer :0)  A short walk to our hotel, Marriott JW, and he was ready in no time for dinner. FYI- We enjoyed the 2016 version better than the 2017 version; it was smoother and richer in taste.  

Monday Mash-Up Part 1

Traveled to Holland this weekend, wanted to get to Grand Rapids very early for the KBS release. We love Holland- we love the stores, the restaurants and the New Holland Brewery.  We especially love staying at the new Marriott Hotel right in downtown Holland. It's close to all of the action! We seem to always start our little get-a-way at Hops 54.  They have a farm to table menu and 54 craft beers to enjoy.  We can always find one or two that appeal to us.  This trip we enjoyed a Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweet , ABV 5.2, an Oatmeal cream stout brewed with vanilla beans.  Sehr gut!!

Once our thirst was quenched we tackled shopping!  
Needed to purchase this bike pillow!
I could shop all day here!  I hope you enjoy the pictures. The store is called Canterbury Cottage and Kids on Main and it never disappoints me.  

Downtown Holland, MI
We enjoyed dinner at the New Holland Brewing Company.  Brussels Sprouts with bacon and blue cheese tossed with a Dragon's Milk Vinaigrette along with a New Holland Salad while sipping a Dragon's Milk stout- is a perfect way to end the day!  
Oh wait, one more brewery on the way back to the Marriott, the Our Brewery!  We split a Coffee Brown, 6.4 ABV, and listened to live music. Had a nice time there talking to the locals! Shout out to Dave!!

We ran 12 miles this week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Mash-UP

Happy Monday!  Construction is looming and the thought of upheaval is unsettling, but we will manage. Olivia is home for the week and I couldn't be happier!  We have so much wedding planning to do; I might even be able to get my dress!! Pedicures, shopping, lunching, working out much to look forward to.  

Photo of Bastone Brewery - Royal Oak, MI, United States. yet another
This weekend we had a wonderful date with friends, Ann and Dave.  We had dinner at the Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak.  It was restaurant week so we indulged in some tasty food. They had a seasonal beer- ABV 6%, Bastone Red.  It was so good we wanted to ask the brew-master to add it to their regular menu, maybe he will.

Photo of Bastone Brewery - Royal Oak, MI, United States. The bier flight. The Trippel was my favorite.
After dinner we walked to the Baldwin Theater to see Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill.  We are lucky that we got there when we did because they had just closed the doors and on the door was a big sign that read- No Late Entry!   I rang the door bell and knocked pretty hard and to our surprise they let us in. 

We had second row seats and people had taken our seats assuming we were not coming.  We were so happy to get in.  We love live theater and this play was amazing.  Anita Newby, a local talent from Detroit, played Billie Holiday.  Her voice was magical and her acting was superb. I had no idea Billie Holiday had such a hard life.  She came up prior to the Civil Rights Movement and was treated so badly.  She was discriminated against and was not even allowed to eat with her white band members.  I will definitely check out some of her music from the library next time I work.  We all agreed when we left that we need to read up on Billie Holiday and research her influence on Blues and Jazz.  

From the Stagecrafters website:

February 24-26, March 2-5, 10-12, 2017

Spend an evening with legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday, onstage in a Philadelphia nightclub in 1959, for one of the last performances of her life. Billie’s indomitable spirit and sass shine through her torrid stories of addiction, abuse and racism. Featuring more than a dozen of her most popular songs in a hauntingly beautiful and intimate musical theatre experience that captures the essence of ‘Lady Day’ and her music. 

We ran 6 miles this weekend trying to stay healthy even though we drank beer Friday and Saturday nights, oh to live!

How was your weekend??

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Still smiling after the workout of my life!

OMG, Ladies have you tried Bikram Yoga??  

I purchased a Groupon for a local yoga studio here in Michigan and was delighted when I also had an additional 20% off coupon in my in-box.  The deal is for 5 classes, whenever I can fit them in, for a whopping $20.00!  I can handle a 90- minute yoga class for $4.00.  I have always wanted to try this type of (hot) yoga and now I can honestly say that I gave it my all.  I feel like I lost 5 lbs. in sweat alone. There are 26 poses in Bikram yoga and you are moving very slowly as you complete each pose.  Which is good, because moving fast in a 109° temp would be very difficult.  As is was, I felt I was going to pass out numerous times and had to sit out a few poses.  The instructor mentioned that I might feel nauseous as I attempt many of the poses and I did. She said the nauseousness was from the toxins leaving my body.  I took many breaks and drank lots of water.  When the time was up I felt relief.  I was dying to get out of the heat.  Will I go back?  Damn right I will!!  I will use the rest of my Groupon and if I find I am stretching my muscles and getting leaner then I will sign up for more classes.  The women/girls, and a few men, in the class were limber, lean, and had little body fat.  Even though Dave and I run, go to the gym for classes, and weight lift, I still feel so out of shape.  This class forced me to use muscles I normally don't use. 

I have to rest for two days before I go back- that's standard operating procedure.  So on Sunday- I'll be feeling the heat again. In the mean time, the weather is warming again this weekend so we can hit the trails for a run. :)