Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Catching up!

Hi everyone!  Just checking in to keep you updated.  We have been experiencing technical difficulties over here and therefore have not been blogging- but that doesn't mean we have not been having fun! 

House updates:   Not only was the carpet put in the house, but we also tackled IKEA furniture building.  Have you ever attempted an IKEA build?   There are no words in the instructions only pictures.  Which is weird, but actually much easier.  We put together the furniture without a hitch.  A great test to our relationship.  I'll put a post together of my finished closet soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Baker's Secret- Historical fiction

by Stephen P. Kiernan
William Marrow, 2017
305 pages
Genre: historical fiction

located in the fiction area of the public library:  Fic Kiernan

When The Baker's Secret came across my desk, I was excited because the premise of the story suites my fancy.  I love historical novels featuring a strong heroine as the protagonist. The Baker's Secret is a story of one women's struggle to keep her village alive during the dark days of WWII.

The setting is in Vergers, a small town in France, after the German invasion in 1944.  Emma, at 22, is a survivor. As the newly appointed village baker, Emma is required to bake 12 baguettes daily for the German Commanders.  Emma figures out a way to bake two extra loaves to share with her fellow villagers; thus begins a network of favors and good deeds and it all begins with Emma and her bread.  

What kept me interested in this story was the goodness in Emma.  Not only does she bear witness to public executions, suffer beatings, have to share her home with a Nazi; but, she also is the sole caregiver for her Grandmother who has dementia.  Emma's strength comes from helping others, this is how she copes with the war- she stays busy, her thoughts remain focused, and she finds purpose in providing substance to her fellow villagers. 

Emma was not concerned for her own well-being any longer.  She had already
accepted the losses inevitable to living in that difficult time.  There would be no marriage or children, no home comforts or taste of prosperity.  Pleasure had ended with her youth and it was not coming back.  Emma's concern therefore lay with those who depended upon her, whose lives leaned on the crutch of her network.  For her to die would be an act of abandonment.

If you enjoy a good historical read, then this one is for you. I will warn you there are some parts that are a little far fetched, but overall, a very good read. 

This book, as well as all books I read, is available for borrowing from your public library.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday- Let's catch up!

Gosh, I wish I wasn't stuck at a computer all day today.  The sun was shining and the birds were chirping when I left for work today.  I wish I could have gone for a quick run, it was that pretty of a morning.  

How was your weekend?  We had a busy one over here.  We got wood floors!!!  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!  It's the last Wednesday of the month and that must mean it's time for What's Up Wednesday.  Each month these questions will be answered...just to give you some insight as to what we have been up to :) 
We are still fasting Sunday - Friday, with exceptions every so often.  Dave has reached his ideal weight and feels he can now go off the fasting, but continues to support me.  I am loving the fasting because I sleep better.  It also frees up my evenings, as I am not in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Last night, I had time to go to an exercise class at the gym and I loved it.  So for now, we will stay on this new eating regiment.  I still have 10 lbs. to lose. :(

I am reminiscing about my little KJ.  When did he get to be such a big boy?  I can't believe he is going to become a big brother!!

I am loving the fact that our family is growing!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Let's Catch Up!

Happy Monday!  It's sunny in Michigan today and the birds are chirping.:)  Spring is in the air!  How was your weekend?  

We had a great weekend with friends.  On Friday we stayed home because Frank, the painter, was over painting the staircase and master bedroom and closets.  The staircase is just beautiful!  

Old staircase was a medium oak color with a little orange tint that would have clashed with the new wood flooring. New staircase is a coffee brown stain that will complement the wood floor and new carpet. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Found a new beer to brag about!

Love Shadow BBA Imperial Stout by Brewery Vivant
It's rare that we venture out on a weeknight to hang at a bar, but we changed things up this past Monday and visited a local brew pub called The Brown Iron Brewhouse.  
The Brown Iron offers a wide range of delicious foods and 64 beer taps to choose from.  We were intrigued by the beer they had on Rare Beer Monday- a Brewery Vivant Belgian inspired Imperial Stout.  At a whopping 11.7% ABV, Love Shadow Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout was a-mazing! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Catching Up!

Lots of schools are closed today and many have the entire week off for midwinter break- I miss that schedule :)  Dave is home and probably at the health spa.  I am putting together this blog post and planning our week.  Are you lucky enough to have today off? 

How was your weekend?
I started my weekend with this little guy!  There is nothing better than a grandchild.:)